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The Green Room April 22 (Melbourne) Synthesist, Moredhel, Kania + more

The Green Room is where you wanna be April 22, the mighty Synthesist team up with female fronted melodic death outfit Moredhel amidst newcomers
Black Like Vengeance and Ne Obliviscaris, one of the most talked about progressive black metal bands in the country. Joining them
will be Kania all the way from NSW, essentially Kania are a melodic death band with a blistering melodic drive, definately among the rare top few in the country
who successfully encompass intensity and ferocity in their performances and musical delivery.
Doors are at 8 and entry is 8 bucks w/flier. So get your dancing shoes on kiddies it's goin' to be a Melo Death Extravaganza!

Kania bring forth an undisputed brand of Melodic death that is both brutal and chaotic. An intense fusion of melodic harmony and sonic shredding that’s completed by ferocious death vocals unlike any other. With a prestigious world class sound that is second to none, Kania are not quite in a league of their own but they are in league with some of the Industry's most reputable national and international acts.

Having shared stages with Daysend, Switchblade, Dungeon, Zero Degrees Freedom, Devolved, Minus Life, Argument Soul (JAP), Frankenbok and Flesh Mechanic, the boys have also played Metal In The Veins, Faultine Festival, Reign In Metal 2 and many other profile festivals.

The boys also have a blistering EP under the belts, you can hear the full EP 'Remorse' at

Encompassing influences from the likes of Armophis, Insomnium, Soilwork and Children Of Bodom, Kania are the new breed of old school Australian Melodic Death Metal and they are touring this month in Melbourne.
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