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Black Like Vengeance - Port Phillip Bay Area Thrashers & Scandistralian Metallers will officially launch their debut cd 'All Has Blackened' November 24 at the Arthouse (Melbourne) annihilating the stage with four of metals current heavyweights. Recorded at Complex Studios, the cd was produced under the epic hand of Roman Koester who is fast becoming one of the most sought after metal and hardcore producers in Australia. The end result is 4 tracks of unrelenting melodic thrash delivered with visceral brutality and filled with uplifting melodies. A themeatic miasma of political upheaval that points the finger at modern society's defeatist attitude and our guilty souls.

The line up was solidified in early 2005. Their sound is essentially based on a fusion of many genres and influences ranging from death metal, hardcore, 80s rock as well thrash and swedish metal. They have shared the stage with some of Australias best metal/hardcore and cross over bands including Psycroptic, Double Dragon, Daysend, A Secret Death, The Rivarly, Truth Corroded, The Abandonment and Jungle Fever. Their intense live shows and mix of brutality, melody and screaming guitar solos has enabled the band to stand out from the pack and develop its reputation as a force in the melbourne metal scene.

Black Like Vengeance - Port Phillip Bay Area Thrash & Scandistralian Metal

'All Has Blackened' 4 track out now
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Presented to you by The BCM and Truth Inc Records.
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